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To be eligible for AgriplanNOW BizplanNOW, a sole proprietor must be married and legitimately able to employ his/her spouse. AgriplanNOW BizplanNOW provides the administration and documentation required to maintain a proper section 105 Medical Reimbursement plan Compliant with PPACA and National Health Care Reform. This includes: a Plan Document, an Adoption Agreement, a Summary Plan Description, a Third Party Adjudication of Expenses and W-2 required Calculation as required in December of 2012.

The AgriplanNOW BizplanNOW application package that you need to sign up for this valuable service is included below should you wish to print out an application and submit by mail. You can also click the graphics to the right to get additional information about AgriplanNOW or BizplanNOW.

To have specific questions answered about AgriplanNOW BizplanNOW or to sign-up over the phone, call Eric Herrmann with Protective Financial Solutions Inc. at 1-888-533-7928.

Once again, thanks you for your interest in AgriplanNOW BizplanNOW and Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) the proud sponsor of now AgriplanNOW BizplanNOW formerly Agriplan Bizplan. TASC stands behind all its products and services to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

Click on the link below to download the application. If you have any questions at all about this process please call the following number for assistance. 1-888-533-7928.

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