COBRAToday promptly takes care of the necessary communications, notices, forms, and record keeping for your Plan. We even provide for the collection of premium payments connected with COBRA. In all, it’s a security blanket that keeps you in compliance with complex federal regulations.

  • COBRAToday supplies a Compliance Manual for your reference.
  • COBRAToday records and maintains documents on all COBRA activity.
  • COBRAToday provides proof of qualifying event notification.
  • COBRAToday establishes election and payment receipt deadlines.
  • COBRAToday maintains records on all COBRA correspondence.

COBRA administration is a complex process, governed by constantly changing rules and regulations. Virtually every aspect of COBRA is extremely time-sensitive, so prompt and proper actions are critical. COBRAToday takes the worry out of COBRA with comprehensive and efficient administration, ensuring complete compliance of your Plan.

If you employ over 20 employees, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires you to extend group health benefits to your employees and their families who lose their health benefits due to experiencing specific qualifying events.

Dynamic Online Services and Management: With COBRAToday you have access to our easy-to-use online tools and services for complete Plan management 24/7. Our website offers convenience, control, and visibility for everything related to your Plan. We also offer a continuee website for convenient online payments!

  • Enter Qualifying Events and Participating Qualified Beneficiaries (PQB).
  • Authorize General Election Notices to be sent.
  • Access continuee information (i.e. payments, election periods, communications).
  • View, add, and edit your COBRAToday Plan(s).
  • Request General Initial Notices for new employees.
  • Access real-time reports.
  • Track service requests and check service activity in MyService Center.
  • Continuees manage their account and pay premiums online.
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