In today’s world of rising medical costs, employers are faced with challenging decisions related to the benefit plan they offer employees. Solutions include implementing a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) and changing the insurance benefit they offer, or in extreme cases, eliminating the insurance benefit altogether.

TASC HRA is the right choice for employers who want to allocate a set dollar amount for employee medical expenses or who wish to offer a Plan that covers specific medical expenses only.

HRA Works for You
With TASC HRA, employers set aside a specific amount annually from which employees pay for healthcare expenses. Employees request reimbursement from TASC HRA after an expense is incurred. Our unique Funding Arrangement is available only to TASC HRA Clients and allows advance claim payment to employees before full Plan funding.

TASC HRA Plan Design Options

First Dollar Plans
The most common Plan, this Plan complements a higher-deductible insurance plan, paying only for deductible items covered by insurance. A First Dollar Plan provides a bridge between out-of-pocket expenses and insurance coverage.

Comprehensive Plans
The Comprehensive Plan pays all medical expenses not covered by insurance. We have six standard plan design options. These options typically cover the most common types of benefit coverage that employers need. The six plan designs are:

  • Deductible only
  • Deductible / Coinsurance
  • Uninsured Medical (213)
  • Deductible / Rx
  • Deductible / Co-pay / Rx
  • Deductible / Co-pay / Coinsurance / Rx

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