Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions is our answer to changes created by health care reform for the small business employer with 2-20 employees. To stay compliant with ACA (Affordable Care Act) there are a myriad of new regulations which need to be followed and addressed. Due to these changes brought about by the ACA, SBS is a vehicle where, when set up properly, an employer can still offer compensation to an employee to assist them in attaining Health Insurance and covering the cost of OOP medical expenses when the employer cannot cover the cost of group insurance. These plans are covered with the full strength of TASC’S Audit Guarantee.

With Small Business Solutions, our business makes your business less taxing. Contact us today to explore these money saving opportunities!

Small Business Solutions combines the strengths of our FlexSystems and DirectPay products to address the unique needs of the small business employer. Check out the list below to discover just a few of the potential benefits available through this solution:

FlexSystems Features – Employer

  • MyService Center – online Client access
  • All-inclusive fees – no hidden charges
  • Online enrollment and Plan implementation
  • Exclusive VeriFlex process to substantiate reimbursement requests
  • No ties to any insurance or other employee benefit Plan
  • Exclusive Audit Guarantee

FlexSystems Features – Participant

  • Multiple self-service options: Internet, IVR phone, Mobile App and Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Convenient TASC Card for eligible purchases
  • MyCash Account option for reimbursements
  • 24-hour turn-around on reimbursements
  • Robust online tools for account management

DirectPay Features – Employer

  • Allows for a continuation of employee benefits
  • Maximizes employee healthcare benefits
  • Customized Plan designs
  • Saves time with electronic fund transfers
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Enhanced DirectPay Client web portal

DirectPay Features – Participant

  • Online account management (MyTASC)
  • Online Request for Reimbursement Form
  • Online Direct Deposit option
  • E-mail notifications for reimbursement status
  • Unused dollars may be carried over from year-to-year (depending on the Plan design)

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Small Business Solutions