By offering a FlexSystem FSA, you provide a valuable benefit to your employees. But it is also important to let them know why they would want to participate. Increased participation not only helps your employees save money, it also benefits your bottom line!

A Win-Win Opportunity

  • Your employees save nearly 30% on their eligible healthcare and/or dependent care expenses by using pre-tax dollars
  • Employers save on payroll taxes for each and every dollar of employee participation.
  • Employers owe no payroll taxes on employee FSA contributions.
  • With increased participation rates, employer tax savings can offset the cost of FSA administration.

You will see increased employee satisfaction and retention by offering this attractive employee benefit and promoting the features and substantial value.

Increased participation leads to greater tax savings for both employees and employers!

Provide Education on the Plan Benefits
Education helps your employees understand the “true cost” of healthcare and realize the valuable tax savings through participation in FlexSystem FSA:

  • Group meetings
  • Introductory letters
  • Online tax savings calculator (TASC Web site)
  • Educational materials (flyers, posters, etc.)

Promote the Attractive Plan Features

  • The TASC Card provides a convenient way for your employees to pay for eligible out-ofpocket
    expenses directly from their available FlexSystem balance(s).
  • The state-of-the-art MyCash Manager within MyTASC gives your employees the power to manage their MyCash reimbursement funds how and when it’s convenient for them.
  • TASC Mobile offers a free mobile app and text messaging that allows FlexSystem Participants to access their account from anywhere at any time!
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